Sweet Salone

floor lamp

The Sweet Salone lamps belong to a collection that we did earlier this year in cooperation with the icelandic Aurora Foundation and artisans in Sierra Leone. The bamboo shades were made by basket makers in a small village in Sierra Leone. The bases are made with our mash-up method in our respective countries. We feel that the material and colour combinations that are created by chance are the most inspiring and interesting part of our method.

"1+1+1 - We are a group of three nordic design studios (Aalto+Aalto, Hugdetta & Petra Lilja) who work according to a method where we all design a three-part object and the parts are then reconfigurated into new combinations"

The project examines and reimagines objects by having each studio design an object consisting
of three distinct parts and then mixing the parts up into unpredictable combinations.
The project started in March 2015 at Design March in Reykjavik where each studio designed a lamp.
The end-results were 27 different lamp compilations that were totally unpredictable, ranging from strange to exhilarating.

Forms and material combinations emerged that would not have otherwise come to life.
For Helsinki Design week in September 2015, the group took on a new object - the cabinet, which was designed with the same three-part method. For both exhibitions, a set of rules were agreed upon but no information was shared during the process in order not to in uence the design work.
The next project was a set of mirrors exhibited at Stockholm Design week in February 2016, again
with the same method and a completely unpredictable outcome. The fourth volume was a set of 27 candleholders exhibited at SPARK DESIGN SPACE during Design March, Reykjavik in March 2016.

In 2017, wallpaper, posters, and candles designed with the 1+1+1 concept was launched at
Stockholm Design Week. Volume 7 and 8 will be launched at Designmarch Iceland 2017 which are vases using 3d ceramic printing as a medium and prototypes of an upcoming clothing line using the 1+1+

Tina Austen

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