"Expressive Experimenter"

The Expressive Experimenter - A series of five 3D printed vessels, decorative objects and porcelain lanterns for tea light that experiment with digital craft. The objects were made in co-operation with Ashish Mohite and Aalto University ADD Lab.

The series was created for the Rephrasals project in Malmö Form/Design Center as an interpretation of Wilhelmina Wendt’s Brush from 1935. Both projects are experimenting with a new type of material and have a lot of expression in a simple natural form.

The "Primitive Illusionist" cabinet plays with illusions and visual trickery. The inspiration for the object comes architectural elements such as Roman aqueducts. The arcs on the side are functional openings while those on the front and back are false doors, creating a kind of riddle between object and user. The upper part of the cabinet is made of black MDF veneered with ash wood. The arc shapes are milled through the wooden layer to show the black material underneath. The legs are made of raw steel rod and concrete reminiscent of building foundations.

A metal chair inspired by yarn bombing and upholstered by crocheting. Steel frame with colored cotton yarn.
The design was created for the Rephrasals project in Malmö Form/Design Center as an interpretation of Inez Svensson’s Randig Banan textile print from 1986. Both are soft and rich in contrast while breaking with conforming ideals. The yarn texture creates a warm organic covering layer over the cold steel structure. The chair is available in various colors and with optional materials for crocheting on demand.

Aalto+Aalto is a Helsinki-based design office working with products, spaces and exhibitions. Their aim is to create special everyday objects with a strong identity and story. They are inspired by time-tested old techniques, all kinds of factories and flea markets. Their special skill is managing to make things which are imaginative and different but still simple and timeless. Their work has been widely exhibited, is included in the collections of the Design museum in Helsinki and in Quebec and has been awarded the iF golden product design award. Aalto+Aalto are Elina Aalto and Klaus Aalto.

Alexandru Murar

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