Alexandru Murar


The concept of the collection ''Morphogenesis'' is based on the idea that the potter's wheel acts like a morphic field and is inspired by Rupert Sheldrake's book ''Morphic Resonance"'.

Every object in this collection was made of multiple pieces thrown on the potter's wheel and then assembled. There is a clear reference to functionality due to the production method, but the object itself doesn't have a particular purpose. All objects are made in stoneware clay and are glazed.

Alexandru Murar works on the potter’s wheel—a singularity from which all forms are generated—a morphic field that sends into existence living shapes. Although each thrown shape has its polarity and its implicit structure, it can also become part of an ensemble of a higher order. The acts of pouring and grabbing are often reminded of in Murar’s work through the use of handles and spouts. He uses sections of domestic pots as building blocks, to create equivocal vessels or sets of objects.
Rhythm, repetition, symmetry and polarity are innate elements in Murar’s work due to his background in production throwing. Traditional techniques are challenged in a contemporary context. Form, function and harmony are explored as an undivided whole, with integrity in making and honesty to the material.

Hanna Särökaari

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