Astrid Tolnov

The Hallway Collection

The objects are designed in simple and uncomplicated shapes where the honesty and practical placement of the materials are in the center. For example, all of the objects meet the floor with a solid polyurethane rubber block, as rubber plugs on a chair's legs. The objects are designed to be able to stand by them self but also together as members of a united family.

"Hallway" is a series of sculptural design objects that, with a playful and experimental approach to form and material compositions, focus on the small functions of the entrance hall: the key, the hanger, the tying of shoes, the mirror, the light, the umbrella. "Hallway" is designed with the intention to create contrasting meetings between materials, emphasizing and enhancing the individual characteristics of the materials both visually and tactically.

Hallway Hanger is designed for the jackets to hang.

"Hallway Shoe" is designed as a step to tie your shoe.

The "Hallway Lamp" is cordless and battery-driven - So you can put it anywhere.

The "Hallway mirror" shows your full figure - from all angles.

Hallway Bowl is designed for small items you have in your pocket like keys, small coins, receipts, etc.

Hallway Umbrella is for you to leave your umbrellas in.

Astrid Tolnov (B.1985) is a Danish designer living and working in Copenhagen, DK. She is practicing furniture design and object design based on an interest in exploring materials, shapes, function, tactility and colors and what happens when they are connected in an unexpected way. By constantly researching how different forms of crafts are practiced and constantly seeking new knowledge about working methods, materials and functions, new unique design objects are developed that are both related to the Danish design tradition and contemporary design solutions.

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