Elsa Chartin

Unique wallhangings.
High-quality cotton fabric, handprinted and dyed with shibori technique.

My work reveals an interest in pattern, narrative, and craft. I explore how to gradually shift a pattern through its repetitions. Can a pattern be evolving, like images on a film negative? Can I create movement in the static? Through Shibori, I am able to explore these questions. I have found a way of expression combining printing and dying. My method is entirely manual and has evolved from studying Japanese masters to become an intuitive process with years of trial and error.

I work solely with different cottons. Changing density and transparency gives different result in the printing and dying. I sometimes dye the fabric black, sometimes print on it, or go from unprocessed white before the meticulous folding. I sandwich the textile package between two woodblocks and then dye or etch it in many layers. This creates geometric patterns with a slight gradient in the repetition. Each fabric is unique.

My work reveals an interest in pattern, narrative, and craft. The potential for pattern to convey narrative has traditionally been at the core of my work. Today my work is more abstract and often presented in the form of installations, converse with the locations in which they appear. To explore the line between art, craft and design always challenges me.  I am interested in the layers present in the process. Fascinated by the mystique in the technic, the interaction between the surface, the space and us. I investigate the fine line between beauty and excessive, control and existence.
Exhibiting my work through installations is as important for me as meeting clients to find creative solutions for decoration or a site-specific interiors. The last years, my work has been featured in several group and solo shows in Sweden and abroad.

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