Gurli Elbækgaard

"Geomorfologi" - Bluetop

This hand build sculpture is made from stoneware clay and fired multiple times to achieve this complex glaze surface.
A signature shape and technique by Gurli Elbækgaard.

"Norway opened my creative source because nature is so markedly different than in Denmark. Mountains, springs, rocks, and woods sizzled and sparkled into my approach to the clay. I was fascinated by the ugly side of aesthetics, the detail’s outrageous miniature proportions"

Gurli Elbækgaard

Gurli Elbækgard trained classically as a ceramist at the Kolding School of Design and the Arts and Crafts School in Bergen, but it was the Norwegian mountains that opened the door for her artistic impulses. While she mastered her craft at the potter’s wheel, she cannot help but push the limits of her material, testing what is possible to achieve in terms of color, shape, and texture while using clay and glaze. She is fascinated by small-scale, where the stone’s neat patterns suddenly appear, or where the different shades of moss are realized.

Jonas Edvard

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