Hanna Anonen

"Merry-go-round" & "Cocktail"

”Merry-go-round” is a fun yet versatile wooden household object, functioning as a side table or a stool. This compact companion is packed with character, perfect match for the contemporary home.

I’m influenced by everyday life, observing and recording the accidental color combinations in my surroundings. As a designer, I am very hands-on. I build every piece that I produce by hand and I like to play around and try new things. I challenge myself to create amazing looking, yet practical products

”Cocktail” is a wooden ceiling light inspired by the mixed color layers of fizzy drinks. These radiant color combinations and playfully shuffling sticks catch the eye, and the light works well in homes and public spaces.

Diameter: 180 mm, Height: 290 mm or 190 mm.

Diameter: 930 mm, Height: 800 mm.

Material: Handpainted wood.

Hanna is a designer from Helsinki, Finland. Her work is focused on products and interiors. She holds a degree in carpentry, industrial design (BA, Lahti Institute of Design) and applied art and design (MA, Aalto University).

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