Jonas Edvard

 'Relic' -
"An object surviving from an earlier time"

The relic collection is made from a different waste stream materials including wood, metal and stone dust. As the material is molded in shape a sudden and magical change in the color of the surface appears - creating a detailed and black dotted pattern along the surface of the object.

The materials used are all dust-like and almost nonexisting, but mixed together and shaped they become relics of our time, made from ordinary waste materials.

- Jonas Edvard

The relic project contains objects which refer to a substrate of shape from which the material has changed - merging the material elements into a new physical order and function. All pieces are handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark in numbered limited editions of 10.

Jonas Edvard is a young Danish designer working and living in Copenhagen. In all his work, he takes an alchemist’s approach to design, experimenting with natural resources and creating products whose striking materiality, used in a brand-new context, gives new life to the object itself. Edvard is committed to exploring the possibilities of sustainable design, and he pursues his work with a strong focus on the aesthetic value and functionality of raw materials, investigating the history of their use and the future of their existence.

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