Katrín Ólína

"Nordic Silence Collection"

Meditation Stool, is a seating element to facilitate sitting on the ground and meditation practices. In its design this object offers a different take on the simple meditation stool in wood or the traditional meditation cushion. It is a curious object that is at once sculptural, playful and functional. A few pieces together can transform a space into something recalling a forest ritual ground or the temple ruins. Cork is a 100% natural and recyclable material with sound absorbing qualities. It is warm and has a slight smoky, leathery aroma to it.


Silent Tree is a room dividing element with acoustic properties made in cork and wood. Created with Made by Choice, Finland in 2018. It is inspired by the roaring silence that sometimes describes the wilderness of the Nordics and as such is designed as a reminder and extention of nature in the home or the office. The design is composed of circular panels that stack onto a wooden pole, similar to stacking and organising toys. Silent Tree is minimalistic and has strong archetypal qualities. It communicates a feeling of warmth, simplicity and the archaic.

“Silent Sun” is a sculptural wall element with acoustic properties made in cork. Its slanted circular shape creates an interesting piece for the wall that functions on its own as a decorative element, adding weight, warmth and presence to the space. It also functions as a seating element for the floor, calling to mind sloping slabs of rocks. It compliments other pieces in Ólína´s collection “Nordic Silence” with Made by Choice. Silent Sun evokes at once nature and the archaic in its simple, archetypal form. Silent Sun, could well be Sun of the North, generous and loud in summer, rare and silent in winter.

"Silent Stump" is a stool made in solid dark brown cork. It compliments the Nordic Silence collection by Katrín Ólína, created with Made by Choice, Finland in 2018. Cork is a 100% natural and recyclable material with many qualities including sound absorbing. Its design refers to the forest and its trees as well as the stacking disk elements that characterise the collection. Silent Stump serves as a side table or a stool and is an alternative to other material choices. It is warm, playful and earthy and offers a grounding element to the living space.

Katrín Ólína Pétursdóttir, is an Icelandic industrial designer and graphic artist. Her work has materialised in the fields of product, graphic, digital design and writing. She has created large immersive graphic installations at the National Gallery in Oslo and the Reykjavik Art Museum, and her pieces have transformed various private and public spaces in the hospitality industry. She has won numerous awards for her work, including the Forum Aid Award, SEGD (The Society for Experiential Graphic Design), FÍT and the DV Culture Award in Iceland.

Ólína’s work is thoughtful, narrative and poetic and often offers a humorous approach to daily life, while being practical. During her carrier, Ólína has explored creativity as a designer, teacher, collaborator, researcher, art-director and entrepreneur. Her digital drawings have covered entire spaces like the Cristal bar in Hong Kong. Her work has been commissioned by festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Reykjavik Arts Festival and Nordisk Panorama. Tree, coat stand for Swedese, is by many considered a contemporary Scandinavian design icon.

Bridging the gap between the disciplines through technology, and encouraging new ways of thinking and making are visible themes in Ólína’s work. From 2014 – 16, she held a visiting research position at Aalto Digital Design Laboratory in Helsinki, where she explored digital manufacturing and 3D printing. Her research resulted in the Primitiva Talismans, a unique collection of 40 cast bronze jewellery that are designed to encapsulate some of humanity’s existential questions as well as helping the wearer find focus in a technically entangled and often disconnected physical world. To navigate the collection, Ólína wrote Primitiva – Book of Talismans.

She is regularly invited to participate as a public speaker, in design and global events, recently including TYPO-Berlin, DesignTalks Reykjavik and Women Economic Forum in Delhi.

In the past 25 years, Katrín Ólína has been based in Reykjavik, Paris, London, Brussels, Taipei, Hong Kong and Helsinki. She currently lives in London.

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