Lith Lith Lundin

"The 50 kilometer radius" 

Our concept is based on a circle with a 50-kilometer radius. From within this area, we source and process all materials for our pieces, making them sustainable and local.

The black surface is an egg oil tempera pigmented with carbon black. By staining in multiple thin layers the woods natural grain is kept visible whilst a deep black-grey color is achieved. All our products have a final layer of linseed oil mixed with bees wax to give it its tactile feel and protective layer.

Seven is a small table that can be used by the bed or next to the sofa or armchair. Our vision was to create a piece of furniture for everyday use, but aspiring to higher thoughts and goals. Some of the guiding principles we worked to were dismantlability, simple components creating a greater whole, and a desire to create a relationship between furniture and user through the execution of these steps.

Spring is divided by a leather strap forming two sitting areas which encourages integration.

The slender, austere design in the frame is challenged by the arch creating a tension both in the construction and the design. This tension together with birch wood and leather creates a sturdy and glueless construction.

The design and dimensions creates a piece of furniture with various applications whether you use it as the everyday bench in your kitchen or store your bag on it in your hallway this bench will stand the test of time and give you joy for years to come!

When wood dries two things happens, it shrinks and it bends. We want to use these properties to both fabricate and design the chair. Depending on where the tree has grown and what it has been exposed to it will act different when dried. Because of this every chair gets a unique appearance and look even if they were produced in the exact same way.

Usually, wood is dried slowly to avoid changes in shape. We want to favor woods own will to change shape and therefore we dry it rapidly and uneven. The wood is dried after the chair is assembled and not before as common and we are using green woodworking techniques, where the fresh wood parts shrink around the try tenon to frame the construction.

Dawn is a candle holder that in one piece embodies two different states of the same material.
During the manufacturing process the birch wood is exposed to heat which causes it to gradually transition into the more heat resistant charcoal. The natural tensions in the wood are also released making every piece unique.

The deep black color of the coal slowly fades into the pale, lean surface of the birch in a crossing of both color, tactile feel and material.

It may sound contradictory but woods ability to char makes it more fire resistant since charcoal is a lot less flammable than wood itself.

Our concept is based on a circle with a 50-kilometer radius. From within this area, we source and process all materials for our products. Within this circle we have full control of our materials, their origin, how and by who they are processed. This way we can guarantee that the final product meets our requirements in terms of quality and environmental consideration.

The geographical starting point with its local resources sets the limits of how the product is designed. The process is similar to the furniture art conditions during the 1700-1800’s, which was determinate by the shape of the available material and increasingly sophisticated local craft methods.

When put in a contemporary context with a timeless design it creates a passage between the past and the present.

The site-specific raw material, its properties, and available finishes give a final product that reflects its origins.

Maija Puoskari

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