Maija Puoskari

"Hiippa Lighting"

Inspiration for this lighting series comes from the aged and undisturbed Finnish forest and the tiny Hiippa (Mycena) mushrooms you can find there.
The lampshade is thin and airy and made by turning wood from the willow tree. You can switch the light off and on by pulling the ”mushroom leg,” which is made from an organic root or branch.

Designer Maija Puoskari, MA, was born in Tornio, northern Finland. She runs her own design studio in Kallio, Helsinki. Her work is characterized by a strong sense of pure form mixed with functionality. She works widely with various design and exhibition projects. The clean and wild Finnish nature has been the inspiration behind several of Puoskari’s works. Puoskari has been awarded with several grants and prizes. In addition, her work has been shown in many national and international collection exhibitions and fairs.

Katrín Ólína

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