Nikolaj Steenfatt

"Steel on Concrete"

Steel on Concrete is a series of side tables with a base of concrete and a thin table top in steel. The series is handmade, and consist of both unique pieces and limited edition pieces. The contrast between the two materials is expressed in the solid shape of the base and the thin steel on top.


This piece is the first piece in the collection and will be produced on demand. The color of the concrete will vary from piece to piece, and the steel top can be made with different treatments.

Steenfatt’s furniture and product designs are created in an intuitive and experimental process that tests and challenges material properties. He works with a wide variety of materials, including self-invented composites. Serendipity plays a key role in his experiments with materials, textures and alternative working processes where random developments are allowed to influence the outcome. Combining this intuitive method with systematic analysis, he merges industrial and hand-crafted qualities in an industrialized one-off production approach.

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