Sharing a common interest in the idea of mindful living, Noidoi and Visibility set out to design an object that inspired a more thoughtful approach to everyday life. Where they landed was BUE, a stool initially inspired by a 1940s Swiss prayer knee-rest; an object solely characterized by its emphasis on mindfulness.

Through a continuous dialogue, the form was refined and the stool’s characteristics began to take shape- namely a linear wooden frame and a channeled upholstered seat, which take great care to produce but emanate a familiar simplicity.

More than its physical value, it refers to the process of understanding each other as design studios through creating a common ground where new ideas can evolve.
The product is hand made in Norway and both the wood and the wool used in the construction of the stool, are locally sourced.

Noidoi Design Studio was founded in Norway in 2013 by Kathrine Lønstad & Cosmin Cioroiu, who met while studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark. Inspired by the differing cultural and professional backgrounds of its founders, Noidoi works across a broad spectrum of design, placing an emphasize on usability, materiality and craftsmanship.

Our studio is situated two hours north of Oslo, in the beautiful surroundings of Kapp close to the biggest lake in Norway.

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