Petra Lilja

"Step Collection"

Designer Petra Lilja was looking at archetypes as a method of design and with the symbolism of steps as inspiration, she ignored their function altogether and instead experimented with their archetypal image when designing this unique mirror.

“A staircase in Robert Venturi’s Vanna Venturi House in Philadelphia, leading nowhere, was a starting point for this project.”

There's only two pieces on the market, made from two different types of marble: the green stone Verde Guatemala and Rainforest, a beige-greenish stone with brown streaks . The mirror glass is double sided and this sculptural piece is a statement intended for tables, side tables or on top of counters or cabinets.
This item is made from Verde Guatemala green marble.

Petra Lilja is an industrial designer by trade, dedicating her career to critically examine the role of the designer in a world where a lot of the problems we're facing, like climate change, poverty and inequity can be traced back to design decisions. Since Petra Lilja started her first design studio back in 2005 she has explored different ways to combine her creative driving force with her deep concern about sustainability. She has found a fruitful balance and divides her time between her design studio and her academic work as design lecturer, researcher and board member of the managing team for the Design + Change Programme at Linnaeus University. 

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