Runa Klock

"Blend Vase"
In collaboration with Syrette Lew (US), Moving Mountains.

"Blend" is the first collaborative work by designers Syrette Lew (US) from Moving Mountains and Runa Klock (N). Through their initial conversations, they discussed a mutual interest in working with a to them, unfamiliar material that highlighted a skilled craft. Glassblowing has remained un-mechanized since ancient times and there was a mystique surrounding the whole process which they wanted to unlock.

The vase has a strong, visual character, not depending on flowers to be experienced as a complete object. The inner shape of the vase is highlighted by two colors blended, creating a unique look to each vase.

The designers were also drawn to glass for its visually mystifying nature and exceptional properties. Glass can take on many different qualities, so they wanted the design to consider oppositional relationships like transparent vs. opaque, smooth vs. textured, and loose vs. rigid within the actual object. The designers experienced the range of what glass might do whether you want it to or not: bubble, crack, slump that they had to troubleshoot along the way. They also spent quite a lot of time doing color samples, as blending glass colors is not as straightforward as many may think.

For this project, the designers sought out local glassblower Andrew O. Hughes who practices at UrbanGlass. Without Hughes' expertise and the resources and facilities that UrbanGlass provided, the project would not have been possible.

Runa Klock’s work is often inspired by nature and the natural beauty of different materials and a graphic touch are typical elements of her design. She holds a Master in design from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and has a playful and curious approach in her designs. Runa’s work is characterized by an openness to cooperate with people in a variety of disciplines; her practice extends beyond product design to encompass food, exhibitions and entrepreneurship and several of her projects also have a strong social profile.


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