This hand-woven wallhanging echoes one of the most common pieces of modern clothing: Jeans. Originally denim garments were made for workers - tough, yet durable and comfortable. Today it's a pop culture stable, worn by everyone, but today the majority of denim production, has become an increasingly troublesome story. An average pair of jeans, is said to circle the globe three times, before it even gets to the consumer. Working conditions are often inhumane, and to achieve than "authentic" look, they are treated by hand with sandpaper and toxic chemicals.

The aim of this piece, is to reframe this common popular culture object; break it down almost completely, and then carefully and slowly rebuild it with the ancient leno-weaving technique. Sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to see - these re-woven pieces, urge you to reconsider, what you see around you every day, and think again.

The piece is hung from metal wire with eyelets, on industrial strength metal hooks. Please feel free to contact regarding larger scale commissions.

“With considerable talent, Stine Linnemann demonstrates how craftsmanship, creativity and sustainability can go hand in hand. Her work combines art with design and production with craftsmanship. Her point of departure is the care that characterises the crafts tradition, and with her beautiful design she connects this tradition with the rapid pulse in the world’s most exclusive catwalks. Firmly anchored in the Scandinavian tradition, she explores other cultures. By exploring the unknown, she achieves a unique and personal mark.”

The jury of Danish Design Award 2016

The shape of the "Re-wowen Beam" is inspired by the warp beams on the loom, echoing both the industrial production, as well as the craft process while re-weaving the denim. The piece is made in light blue and dark denim.

This piece consists of a rolled up length of fabric, reminiscent of the rolls of fabric, produced at industrial weaving mills. This piece is monochrome, but is also available on this site in various shades of blue as "Re-woven Roll I". Please feel free to contact regarding larger scale commissions.

Stine Linnemann Studio is a textile design company based in Copenhagen, Denmark launched in late 2014. Stine Linnemann is an award-winning textile designer and Royal College of Art graduate. She has worked for several textile suppliers and fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, and Paul Smith.

At Stine Linnemann Studio we believe in doing things the best way possible by focusing on craftsmanship, creativity, and sustainability. We operate as a textile design studio and supplier, offering both design services for large-scale production and handweaving at the studio for special one-off projects.

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