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"Blue Moment"


“Blue moment“ is a series of mirrors studying the magical seconds of the sunset and the illusions in the horizon just before and after the blue moment. Finland is known for its beautiful nature, hundreds of blue lakes and colorful sunsets. 


The blue moment is a modern interpretation of this experience where the sunset can be explored through reflections, perspective illusions, and different textures. Dark velvety blue represents the magical sky calmly turning into pitch black sky through the amazingly pink moment. The piece represents the moment of the day and night sky greeting each other.

Studio Finna is a Helsinki based design studio established by design duo Anni Pitkäjärvi and Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä. The dynamic duo works with a wide range of projects from furniture design and products to interior design and architecture.
Heikkilä and Pitkäjärvi represent the cutting edge of emerging Finnish designers. Awarded design duo work tirelessly to materialize their novel ideas into the best possible end results. They are interested in re­searching, experimenting and deepening their unique approach in design. “We are always on the lookout for something new. We love to expand our skills everyday.“ Heikkilä and Pitkäjärvi never settle for mediocrity and are not afraid of challenging themselves. The team constantly searches new challenges, exciting prospects and opportunities with new collaborations and design partnerships with companies to expand their creativity to new levels.
Their works have been recently exhibited in Italy, The United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden and Mexico. Their works have piqued interest in numerous blogs both domestic and international. Recent press coverage includes appearances in Wallpaper, Icon Magazine, Domus, Fiera, ELLE, Vogue living and Wohn.

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