Tero Kuitunen

Fringe Mirrors

Do you remember the old fabric lamp shades with fringe edges?
I love how they evoke the urge to run your finger through the rim. In these pieces, I was exploring materials that invite you to touch them. Choosing carefully the colors of the fringes and finding the right combination makes all of the pieces unique.


"Touching" in different aspects is the central theme in my work. I concentrate on how we feel different materials, what kind of materials you feel urge to touch and what not. Choosing materials and the effect on the user experience is one big part of my research. How come some materials are more inviting than the other ones? Is velvety soft surfaces, tassels or fringes, not something you just feel the need to touch?

“I love to use bold colors, unexpected forms, and humor. With these choices, I want to evoke people with questions, make them happy and find insightful solutions.”

Tero Kuitunen works as a spatial and product designer in Helsinki. He has graduated as a designer from the Applied Arts MA program at the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture.  Tero works as a product, concept and interior designer in projects for clients such as Supercell, Absolut Vodka, Aalto University and Ivana Helsinki. He is one of the founders of the Finnish award-winning brand Andbros. Currently Tero is working as a freelance designer with a vast experience in the design field. He has participated in international exhibitions and fairs in e.g. Beirut, Stockholm, Japan and Italy.  He was awarded with the 2nd price at Ekodesign competition at Habitare Fair in 2013 and received a one-year working grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation in 2017. Tero was the curator of the Keskeneräiset Utopiat exhibition in 2017, held at The Sunila Pulp Mill and a residential area designed by Alvar Aalto in Kotka, Finland.

Throughout his work, Tero wants to find something that moves and touches people. Materials and colours are often his biggest inspiration when starting a new design project.

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