Tina Austen

"On your plate -

Ceramic taste to each his own"

On your plate is equally an experiment with clay and plaster as well as a social commentary on food waste and waste of resources. With vibrant shapes, colors and sparkling effects the objects on the plates seems almost eatable from afar, but when taking a closer look the objects seems more like waste and decay.


Hence the title “On your plate” the plate is the scene, while each object on the plates are different in shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Combined, the 16 plates, tells each their own story but also challenges the viewer to create their own story of what the collective art piece wants to tell.

Therefor the plates with their objects can be viewed as each an experiment with the materials as well as a singular story, which is up to the viewer to decide.

As an artist, I work mainly with various ceramic materials including plaster, and I love to experiment and push the materials to their limits. Through experiments I try to create beautiful shapes and vibrant colors that both pleases the eye and has an edge of social commentary to it. I like my art to be both thought-provoking as well as prime examples of what an amazing material clay is and what it is capable of. My creations and my creativity stems mostly from when I am working with the clay, when I have my hands working with the material, which is also why I rarely work towards a specific image or result. What I create is therefor a fluent process, which is the reason why I feel I put my personality and my views on the world into my art.
I like to create something aesthetic and beautiful with a chaotic edge. To me, beauty lies in the contrasts, so fine an detailed structures and vibrant colors are often matched with the heavy black clay which creates an image of duality. I put a lot of value in the shapes and form I create, and mostly it will resemble something we see in everyday life – but with an edge to it. The issues and problems I see in the world we live in is something I incorporate in my art, which means there is almost always a hint of criticism towards our use of the earth and its ressources. Consumption, animal wellfare and our treatment of the environment is something that is very much on my mind and a topic I want us to discuss through art.

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