Tinna Gunnarsdóttir

"Maintaining age-old techniques
with thoughtful design"

Nature is full of irresistible forms. Some of them we can observe on a daily base while others are more hidden. In this case the form is an accurate cast of a whale tooth. A cultural connection to my childhood in Iceland when whale teeth where a common sight. By reproducing the tooth in aluminium two of Iceland's most persistent political disputes - whale hunting and aluminum smelters - merge into an object.


"Catch" is first and foremost an ode to nature's abundance of beauty. It is handmade in a small family business in Iceland, where the 3rd generation of experts keeps on mastering the age-old method of sand casting. It is a fascinating method, where red-hot metal is poured into sand molds. A time-consuming process, which requires a great deal of craftsmanship.

Ból, outdoor bench, is inspired by the beds that lined the walls of the traditional Icelandic turf house. Beds that also functioned as seats. On cleaning days, bedclothes would be aired in the crisp arctic winds. Ból transposes the beautiful benches themselves from the dim turf house out into the open air.

Ból is handmade in a small family business in Iceland, where 3rd generation of experts keep on mastering the age-old method of sand casting. It is a time consuming but fascinating process, where red hot metal is poured into sand molds. The heavy outdoor bench is designed to withstand extreme weather condition. It is low in maintenance and comes flat packed. Although it is designed for outdoor use it can just as well be used indoor, in private spaces as well as public ones.

Októ is a multi-functional piece. It can work as a stool, a side table, a partition, a centrepiece, and more. It is made out of massive aluminium and can therefore withstand extreme weather conditions without any maintenance but it can just as well stay happy inside. It works well in private spaces as well as public ones. Due to its flat base it is possible to fasten it down if needed.

Geognome is handmade in Iceland by one of our finest stonemason. Each piece is unique because of the inherent variations of the natural material.

Tinna Gunnarsdóttir was born in Iceland in 1968. She gained her design education in England, Germany and Italy and has been running her design studio in Reykjavik since 1993. Her work has been widely exhibited internationally. Currently she is a professor at Iceland University of the Arts. Through everyday objects and design research Tinna reflects on the environment whether it be domestic or the natural. She puts material and technology into unexpected circumstances generating a different perspective, an expanded experience, a twisted context. Her life-long immersions in Icelandic landscapes contribute to her understanding of spatial awareness, formally expressed through material objects.

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